The Niva the Soul Diva story

Niva the Soul Diva Bio

New York-based Niva the Soul Diva is a singer, songwriter and performer known for her crowd-pleasing, unique, blend of R&B, rock, hip-hop, dance and soul. A Houston, TX native, Niva grew up in the rough part of Houston - The Third Ward. At an early age, she went on to leave her humble beginnings and follow the quintessential American Dream of moving to New York to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.
Growing up poor and lonely – even bullied – Niva withdrew into her own private world and found an escape and self-expression though writing and singing music. She discovered new friends through her music and, for a short time, was part of a local female R&B singing group.
At the same time, Niva realized Houston was a city more focused on rap music and - as an R&B singer - she needed to head to The Big Apple. So, in 2008 she took the fabled greyhound bus journey.
With no friends, no place to stay and very little money, what she did have was her talent and determination to “make it”. In early 2008, Niva responded to an ad for a singer from a production company called New Black Music. After a successful audition, she began working with the production team on new material that had an old-school soul flavor. Niva immediately fell further in love with soul music as well as classic rock songs.
Niva studied artists such as Tina Turner and Bettye Wright and modeled her new style on their impressive skills and presence. She also found a new love of good ‘ole rock ‘n’ roll and became a big fan of Mick Jagger and The Rolling Stones. With this new musical direction fully in swing, Niva took on the stage name of “Niva the Soul Diva”.
Niva released her first full-length album, “Rollercoaster Love”,
in 2010, which included her debut single ' I Will Make It”. Around the same time, she teamed up with Spoken Word artist Kamal Supreme, and began channeling some of the pain and suffering she experienced growing up in Houston and poured it into the project. Niva has since gone on to mentor with various established professional musicians and blossomed as an entertainer and singer, perfecting her skills and receiving industry acclaim from colleagues and professional critics, alike. She has been invited to perform in several well-known venues and on New York morning television programs. She has had been the focus of various print articles in prestigious music and fashion magazines. Niva recently released her sophomore album, “Unrivaled” in Fall 2013 and is performing select East Coast tour dates in support of the album. Currently Niva the Soul Diva has several songs from her latest EP " Life, Love & Music that are on the 2018 Grammy Award ballot in consideration for a Grammy nomination. In 2020 Niva the Soul Diva realized the blessing of motherhood and gave birth to her beautiful daughter ‘Miracle’ by using cutting edge ‘IVF’ medicine.
Niva has many unreleased songs and will be back to performing soon.